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What Happens If A Police Report Wasn’t Filed After A Car Accident?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
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Not all car accidents result in serious injuries, but these still require you to contact the authorities. There are a few reasons you may think you don’t have to call the police. If you don’t feel injured or if there isn’t much damage, it can be tempting to swap insurance information and leave. But, it is important to always contact the authorities after a car wreck.


What the law says about contacting the police

Depending on the state you are in, you are required by law to contact the police and make a report after a wreck. In Texas, you must call the police if property damage is over $1,000 or if there are serious injuries or death. In cases like these, you could face large fines and even jail time if you do not call. Insurance policies can also make requirements about contacting the authorities within a certain timeframe.

What is the issue with not filing a police report?

There are a few common reasons why people don’t file a police report. Even if you contact the police, you can still choose not to file one. Maybe the damages are not that bad or you feel fine. Here are some reasons why you SHOULD file the police report despite these.

  1. Car accident injuries can take time to show up. It is better to have a police report if you plan on filing for compensation for medical bills.
  2. You may have a different recollection of the accident later on. The police report will provide a standard in a claim or lawsuit.
  3. The other driver may decide to file a claim against you, even if the wreck wasn’t your fault. Without a police report that offers the facts, you may have little defense.
  4. YOU may decide to file a claim or lawsuit for delayed injuries and negative results of the car accident. If this is the case, you will need a police report.
  5. Your insurance company will need a police report to verify that you were as responsible as possible while driving. Your rates could go up without the report.

What happens if getting a police report is out of your control?

Sometimes there are situations in which you want to file a report but the other driver doesn’t, or that the authorities take too long. If the other driver refuses to wait with you, ask if they would be willing to give the police their statement at another time. Then, gather all of the information and evidence you can.

What you can do if there is no police report

No matter what the reason, if you don’t have a police report, you can still file a claim. But, both your insurance company and the other driver’s may find it difficult to prove your case with one. If you don’t have a report from the authorities, you can work with the following.

Third-party witness statements

These are the statements that you can get from eyewitnesses who saw the car accident. They can help clear up any confusion and disagreements between you and the other driver.

Video recordings from security cameras

There is a good chance that your car accident was recorded on video by security, traffic, or personal dash cameras. Using video footage can support witness statements and provide a more concrete form of information. It may be difficult for you to obtain video recordings, but personal injury attorneys are experienced with this.

Accident scene recreation

Depending on what stage of a claim or lawsuit you are in, you may be able to have the scene of the accident recreated. This is necessary if there is not enough information available to determine fault.

Do I need an attorney after a car accident?

Having a personal injury attorney on your side after a car accident is vital, whether you have a police report or not. If you don’t have one, they will be able to assist you in gathering all of the necessary information to strengthen your case. Of course, having the report will make everything go more smoothly. But, it is not impossible to file a claim or lawsuit, especially with an attorney.

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas

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