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In A Wreck? Don’t Let The Insurance Company Record Your Statement!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018
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Almost everyone knows to call the police and their insurance company after a car accident. But, if the wreck causes major injuries or damage to your vehicle, this may not be the best course of action. You should never give a recorded statement about your car accident to any insurance company until you have an attorney. The following can help you understand what insurance companies try to do with your statement and how to handle the situation.

What insurance agencies do with your recorded statement

Small car accidents are most often handled by insurance companies. Adjusters have the experience to settle fender benders where no one is hurt. But, major car accidents that result in medical problems and totaled vehicles will cause different issues. Once an insurance company is involved, they will try to give you the least amount of compensation possible.

If you have been in a bad car wreck, you should expect a call from the other driver’s insurance. Their adjuster will ask for your side of the story and will attempt to use any information you give them against you. This means that the amount of damages you receive could be decreased because of your own statement. Sometimes adjusters will call you too soon after the car accident, when you are still shocked or confused. They may try to use your emotions against you and trap you in a statement.

What information do the insurance companies ask for?

Some insurance adjusters seem caring, but will word their questions and answers to seek certain reactions. For example, they may ask for details about your personal life that will show you are often distracted or that you are going through difficult financial times. They could use this information to show that you were partially or fully at fault for the car accident.

You may also be asked about your health and medical condition. Even if you have a serious injury that could be permanent, they insurance company will not want to pay for the costs. Something as simple as a vague answer about how you are doing can hurt your case if it is part of a recorded statement.

Although you won’t expect it, some insurance adjusters ask about your part in the accident bluntly. They may try to steer your answers from memories of the crash to admissions of guilt. They could use statements that show your regret of the situation to be hidden admissions of guilt. The ultimate goal for these adjusters is to get you to say the car accident was your fault.

Things you CAN tell insurance adjusters

You are under no legal obligation to tell the other driver’s insurance company anything without an attorney. You do have to contact your own insurance company, but you can refuse to be recorded by them if you wish. The best thing to say to any insurance adjuster is that you cannot speak with them without your attorney.

Other tips about dealing with insurance companies

Insurance adjusters know that you are hurt and upset after a major car accident and will use your emotions to their advantage. Remember to stay calm and refuse to answer specific questions (or any questions) without you attorney. You should also avoid signing any paperwork with the insurance company without them. If you sign anything, you could end up agreeing to settle without attorneys or lawsuits. This could decrease the amount you get for your pain and suffering.

Hiring the right car accident attorney for your case

Once you are medically able to contact an attorney, you should call them as soon as possible. It is best to research attorneys before you get into an accident. But if you haven’t, you can look online for some in your area. Read reviews to see if they will be a good fit for you and call to ask questions before choosing.

Your attorney should be experienced and genuinely care about your well being. They should also offer a free consultation to go over your accident and possible case before you hire them. A professional attorney will treat you with respect and dignity, as well as fight for you after an accident.

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