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Here Are Some Items You Should Have In Case Of A Car Accident

Friday, September 6th, 2019
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When most people think of car accidents, they think of major accidents, annoying fender benders, insurance companies, and bills. Preparing for car wrecks takes more than just getting the proper insurance and understanding what to do when one happens to you. You can also have some items on hand that will make handling the aftermath easier.

A good first-aid kit

You have a few options when it comes to these kits. You can often find them in various sizes with multiple items inside. First-aid kits with a lot of items usually cost more. You can also build your own kit with medical supplies that you think you will need. A good kit will have gauze, bandages, pain relievers, disinfectant medication, and antibiotic ointment packets. You can also include any personal medications you may need, emergency phone numbers, and an emergency blanket.

Water and food

It may sound odd to keep water and food in your vehicle in case of a car accident, but it could help you in many situations. If you are traveling in a rural area or a stretch of road with no towns, emergency help could be hours away. Having some non-perishable food and water available can help keep you comfortable if you get in an accident and are not able to contact anyone.

An extra phone charger

These days, most people use smartphones to make calls, take pictures, and find their way around. It is best to always carry any extra charger that you can use in your vehicle and in a normal electrical plug. This way, you will be able to contact emergency services if you get into a car accident.

Tools for roadside maintenance

Even if you do not know how to work on vehicles, it is still good to have some tools on hand. Your tool kit should have basic items to help you fix dead batteries, flat tires, and other minor issues. It can include jumper cables, a tire iron, a spare tire, a car jack, a wrench, and your vehicle’s manual.

Items to help you document a car accident

If you have been in a car wreck, it is important to document everything. Whether you are in a big city or on a rural road, you will need evidence. This is especially true if another driver’s negligence caused the accident. A disposable camera is important to have, even though you take photos with your phone. A pen and paper will allow you to write down the other driver’s information, including the insurance company’s phone number and license plate.

What to do if you have been in a car accident

Car accidents can be startling, especially if you are injured. There are some steps you can take immediately after a car wreck that can help keep you collected and help in a personal injury case.

  1. Seek medical attention. If you are too injured to do this on your own, emergency personnel will likely already be on their way. If you do not need emergency medical care, be sure to see you doctor as soon as possible after the accident.
  2. Take pictures at the scene. You or a witness should take pictures of the damage from the car accident. This includes pictures of your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, any important areas around the scene, and your injuries.
  3. Write down the other driver’s information. This is where you will need your pen and paper. Make sure to note the other driver’s insurance company, policy number, and their contact information. Also, write down the driver’s name and their vehicle’s license plate number.
  4. Do not apologize for the accident. It can be tempting to apologize right after a car accident, especially if you both are injured. Emotions tend to intensify after a wreck, so you should try to stay calm. Do not apologize if the wreck was not your fault.
  5. Contact a car wreck attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to help you deal with the insurance company and represent you in a lawsuit if needed.

Get help after a car accident in Texas

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