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Handling Post-traumatic Stress Disorder After An Accident

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
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Many drivers experience car, truck, and motorcycle accidents every year. Physical injuries may heal, but the effects of mental trauma can be long-lasting. Accident survivors often have to deal with emotional distress and mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Those who are in severe vehicle accidents, especially those with previous mental health disorders, often develop PTSD. Also, related problems such as depression are common after an accident. It is important to know the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and to speak with a medical expert. You should also know how you can seek compensation if someone’s negligence played a role in your suffering.

Common signs of post-traumatic stress disorder

If you were in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It is important to recognize the symptoms in time so that you can get diagnosis and treatment by a professional. Also, if your accident was the result of someone’s negligence, you can seek compensation. It is important to note that it might take days or weeks for the signs of PTSD to manifest. Here are the common symptoms that you can watch for after your vehicle accident.

Elevated levels of anxiety

People with PTSD often have anxiety before and after a vehicle accident. If you have this disorder, you might have irregular or heavy breathing and an increased heart rate when remembering the accident. You might also have to deal with sweating and an unpleasant feeling of butterflies in your stomach. You could be more irritable with sudden bursts of anger and other emotions as well.

Emotional distress

It is common for a person with post-traumatic stress disorder to experience emotional distress. For example, you might feel depressed or have a sense of apprehension about getting into a car. Also, you might try to avoid the scene of the accident or have trouble remembering the event. The emotional distress can cause avoidance with people involved as well.

Reliving the accident

Many with post-traumatic stress disorder will relive the accident long after it is over. The constant replay can have a negative effect on daily activities and might decrease quality of life. For instance, someone with PTSD can have nightmares and flashbacks of the accident that cause sleep issues. There may also be visual and auditory snippets of memories that can recur. This means that if you have PTSD, you might become more absorbed in the memories of the accident instead of moving forward.

The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on daily life

If you get post-traumatic stress disorder after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it can change your life. Some will experience changes in personality caused by the emotional distress. This issue can compromise relationships and even lead to divorce or isolation. Many PTSD sufferers will also have difficulty sleeping and doing other daily activities after the accident.

Memories and flashbacks can affect your ability to work, which could result in loss of wages. For truck drivers and their families, this can be devastating. If they witnessed a tragic or gruesome death due to a distracted driver hitting them, they may not be able to return to work.

Compensation for PTSD after a vehicle accident

You might be able to take legal action and seek compensation if you develop post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident. The damages will be part of a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. But, you should know that PTSD is complicated, so it might be difficult to make a successful claim.

First, you should have a legitimate diagnosis from a medical or psychiatric professional that is on record. It is vital for you to speak with an experienced and caring attorney as well to help you navigate your case. These professionals can help in every aspect of your personal injury lawsuit. From gathering evidence and witnesses to defending your situation in court, your attorney will be there for you.

Have you developed PTSD after a vehicle accident?

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