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Dealing With Another Insurance Company After A Car Accident

Monday, June 24th, 2019
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Being in a car accident is stressful and dealing with the responsible party’s insurance company almost always makes things worse. Most experts will agree that you should work with an attorney to deal with the insurance company. Whether you talk to them on your own or with a car accident attorney, it is important to remember the following.


The other driver’s insurance company isn’t there for you

It is not in the best interest of the insurance company or their client to take care of your needs. Even if you were not at fault, they will still focus on limiting the amount of compensation you receive. They will do this by denying as many of your claims as possible or only offering you the lowest amount. Here are some other ways the insurance company may try to work against you.

  • They might offer you a quick settlement.
  • You may get a call right after the accident while you are still shaken.
  • They may try to contact your doctor or ask you for full access to your health records (a medical authorization).
  • They may perform video surveillance.
  • The insurance company will probably look at your social media accounts.

The insurance company may ask to record your statement

It is common for insurance adjusters to ask if they can record your statement. They will often be friendly and act as though they care about your situation. Even if they do really care, their job is not to offer you what you deserve. They may tell you that giving a recorded statement will help settle the car accident claim faster. In reality, they are only trying to trap you into getting less money. Never offer a recorded statement to the insurance company, especially if you do not have an attorney.

You don’t know the full situation yet

It is difficult to tell the full extent of your injuries after a car accident, especially if you were seriously hurt. This is because some health issues take time to show themselves. If you or your doctor speak with the insurance company too soon, they will have an inaccurate picture of your injuries. There are many health issues that can show up immediately or in the long-term, including brain injuries, internal bleeding, and back injuries.

Not having an attorney is risky

Speaking with the other driver’s insurance company without an attorney can seriously hurt your claim. This is because they know you aren’t an industry expert. They know terms you may not know and will try to get you to say some specific things that you SHOULD NOT say. This includes the following.

  1. Sorry – If you aren’t at fault, you don’t have a reason to be sorry.
  2. Whiplash – You should not claim you have any medical condition. Let your attorney and doctor handle this part of your claim.
  3. Fine – The insurance adjuster may try to spin your claim of being fine into less compensation.
  4. My fault – DO NOT claim any fault for the accident. Your attorney will handle this for you, even if you are partially responsible for the car accident.

You are required to contact your own insurance ASAP, but you can wait to talk to the other driver’s company. There is no law that says you must talk to them quickly. However, there are time limits when it comes to filing personal injury claims and lawsuits, which vary depending upon your state. A car accident attorney understands the regulations and the industry, so they will be able to help make things easier.

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