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Understanding Trucking Log Regulations In Oklahoma

Friday, June 15th, 2018
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Driving a commercial truck comes with many risks, but the biggest risk is being involved in a collision with another vehicle. Most truckers in Oklahoma and around the country do whatever they can to avoid a commercial truck accident, but sometimes they are unavoidable. This type of wreck is one of the most dangerous and can result in serious consequences. This is one reason trucking logs are so important to maintain.

What are trucking logs and why are they used?

The definition of a commercial truck is often dictated by the weight of the vehicle and if it is involved with interstate commerce. All drivers should know these basic factors about their vehicles, as well as many others. Commercial truck drivers have many responsibilities during their time on the road that pertain to safety.

The federal government created a regulation that requires each trucker to maintain a trucking log. This can be used either by hand or on an automatic onboard recording device, which is easier. The main goal for this regulation is keeping fatigued truck drivers off the road at all times. Among the information kept in each log entry is the date and time, the driver’s duties status, and the total miles driven in a day.

By law, all commercial truck drivers must use trucking logs. The law falls under the authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It’s official name is the Hours of Service Final Rule, which was put into place to prevent truckers from driving while fatigued. It is important to note that there are exceptions to this regulation based on hours-of-service requirements for some operators.

Penalties associated with the trucking log regulation

The trucking log requirement is designed to promote better driving habits. The hope for utilizing an electronic logging device is that it will create a safer environment for commercial trucks and other vehicles on the road. The device tracks, manages, and stores data by synchronizing with the commercial truck’s engine on a daily basis. It puts a limit on when and how long a trucker can drive. Most importantly, the device will ensure truckers stay awake and alert while traveling on the road over the long-run.

If a driver fails to comply with keeping logs, they could be subject to possible prosecution by the federal government. These actions are looked at as cutting corners, instead of putting safety as a first priority. One of the biggest violations is breaking the set amount of consecutive hours driven on the road each day. The penalties for breaking this regulation can come with severe consequences.

What can truck accident victims do to protect themselves?

Oklahoma has a number of major highways that see a high amount of commercial traffic on any given day. Local residents are accustomed to navigating on crowded roads alongside large vehicles, but the dangers of truck accidents are still there.

Too many trucking companies are taking shortcuts and failing to promote safety on the roads today, even with laws and regulations. Individuals who are injured in an accident with a commercial truck can file legal action against the trucking company and the driver. Failing to keep a driver’s log could be used as evidence in a driver’s negligence lawsuit. Strict penalties should be handed out to those in violation of the trucking log regulation, including compensating accident victims. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the claims process if you have been in a commercial truck wreck.

Have you been in a commercial truck accident in Oklahoma?

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