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Personal Injury And Accident Stats For The City Of Lubbock And Texas

Thursday, May 16th, 2019
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Accidents are unavoidable, especially when you are out around other people. Whether you are driving, working, or simply walking, there are many types of accidents that you can encounter. The following are some personal injury statistics from Lubbock, Texas.

Drunk driving

Texas remains one of the top states for traffic accident fatalities. The current numbers (from 2017) show the death toll at slightly above 3,700 and the number of serious injuries at under 15,000. Those who are involved in a dangerous car accident often suffer severe injuries or death. The results don’t just affect the victim, but also their loved ones.

For Lubbock, the fatality rate has decreased by nearly three percent recently. Despite this, drunk driving has become a serious issue in the United States, especially in the city of Lubbock. The Texas Department of Transportation reported 28 percent of all traffic accidents were alcohol-related. Here are some statistics for the city and the state that may explain this trend.

  • To be considered “driving under the influence,” a person must have a blood-alcohol level at .08 or above.
  • Statewide, over 900 deaths occurred in drunk driving accidents between the hours of 2-3 AM on Sunday morning.
  • The largest age group that drives drunk is between 21-25. In 2017, this group was involved in a large portion of alcohol-related crashes in rural and urban Texas communities.
  • In Lubbock, many people between 21-25 attend local parties for Texas Tech football games and other parties.
  • It may take up to two hours before alcohol travels through a person’s system. Some of the symptoms of being intoxicated include lack of coordination, slow reaction time, and decreased concentration level.
  • Because football games and parties can last so long, it can be difficult for many to realize how much they have had to drink.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are also common in Lubbock, Texas. A main highway (I-27) runs through the city and connects to other populous areas of Texas, as well as scenic routes. This makes it a busy road for all types of vehicles. The surplus of vehicles creates dangerous conditions for motorcyclists.

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous anywhere, especially if a rider isn’t properly trained. Whether you are an experienced or new biker, it’s important to wear safety gear because it is designed to prevent you from sustaining serious injuries. Also, try wearing bright colors at night to alert other drivers that you are on the road.

According to data provided by The Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 501 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2017. The data showed that 52 percent of them weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Numbers from a 2014 report showed that fatal motorcycle accidents occurred 27 more times than any other type of vehicular accident.

Work accidents

It’s a harsh reality that work accidents are inevitable, especially in certain sectors. Some of the more dangerous industries found in Lubbock include oil-and-gas, construction, and commercial transportation.

Injuries have risen significantly because of economic growth and job creation. As job demands increase, failure to follow safety regulations will also increase the rate of work-related accidents. The results are added expenses for employers and workers for medical costs, decreased production, and property damage.

Wrongful death

Under Chapter 71 in the State of Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, all wrongful death claims can be filed only by certain members of the family. Wrongful death is defined as fatal actions that were careless, unskillful, or negligent on the part of an individual or entity. If the claim fits these criteria, then it should render some form of compensation.

The only members of the immediate family that can file a wrongful death claim are the surviving spouse, child, or parent. In extreme cases, an adopted child or parents could file a claim, but a surviving sibling isn’t eligible. Damages awarded in a wrongful death claim can include compensation for mental anguish, lost earnings, and a loss of companionship.

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