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What To Look For When Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney

Monday, March 28th, 2016

When you need to choose a personal injury attorney, you may wonder exactly what qualities to look for. This person will, in many ways, hold your fate in their hands by representing you. Many attorneys will have great reputations, but how does that impact you? There are many different types of attorneys, and while some may seem right, others of the same type can be wrong for your case. In order to choose the best personal injury attorney, look for the following qualities.

Puts you at ease

Attorneys can be intimidating people, especially trial attorneys and litigators. These professionals are accustomed to making strong arguments and appearing larger than life in the courtroom. However, don’t let these qualities push you into something in which you do not feel comfortable. A good attorney should work to put you at ease while representing you and your case. Your personal injury attorney should recognize the reasons for your case and put you first, rather than their reputation as an aggressive lawyer.

Builds a client-attorney relationship

An attorney that focuses on your needs will go far in putting you at ease. Having a good relationship with your personal injury attorney is also one of the most important aspects of working with these professionals. You are trusting this person with your future, so building a connection with your attorney will allow them to represent you successfully.

Your personal injury attorney must also trust you. Your attorney will create arguments and present facts to the court that you tell them. The attorney-client relationship is built on trust. You have to trust that your personal injury attorney is doing everything they can and the attorney must trust you.

Works well with their colleagues

Your personal injury attorney will work on your case with many people at their firm. You should pay attention to everyone who is working on your case. Find out how your attorney works with their team and their peers. Speak with other attorneys and staff and see how they interact with one another. Attorneys rely on their paralegals and secretaries to ensure that dates are recorded, paperwork is filed, and errors are caught. These professionals are the last line of defense between you and an error on trial paperwork.

Focuses on the client

Attorneys can occasionally be guilty of pushing their clients into a strategy that the client may not appreciate. A lawyer may be aggressive not because they are trying to manipulate the client, but because the trial might result in a larger win. However, you don’t always need the biggest win. Sometimes it is in your best interest to accept a settlement, rather than lose your case because of a harsh attorney.

Running a case through trial can also mean it will be years before you see any of your compensation. Settlement and other alternative dispute mechanisms can result in more money and you will get it faster. However, your personal injury attorney should present you with all of your options, without pushing you into any one choice.

Upholds honest values

A good test to judge integrity is to ask the personal injury attorney to discuss their fee structure and payment schedules. Attorneys work hard and they deserve to be paid, but those payment plans must be transparent and open. Your personal injury attorney should not hesitate to discuss their fee structure and if there are any possible discounts. Fees and payments are something that you can discuss during your first meeting.

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