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If You Have Been In A Lubbock Motorcycle Accident Follow These Tips

Monday, December 10th, 2018
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Motorcycle accidents can be more dangerous than other wrecks. These vehicles offer much less protection as you’re not behind heavy steel and safety glass or secured by a seat belt. According to The Texas Department of Transportation, a total of 8,786 motorcycle accidents happened in 2017 in Texas. Of those, 505 resulted in fatalities.

It can be overwhelming if you’re ever in a motorcycle accident because of medical bills, physical and emotional injuries, and lost wages. Following these steps after an accident can help you move forward. Also, there are some ways that you can help prevent future wrecks.

Steps to take after a Lubbock motorcycle accident

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can seem like a blur. Here are some measures that you should keep in mind to help protect yourself as much as possible. These steps should only be taken, however, if you are medically able. If you are badly injured, your first priority should be to seek medical attention.

Contact the authorities

The first thing you’ll want to do is check yourself and others for injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911 right away to get emergency help to the scene. You should also call the Lubbock police if there has been substantial damage done to your motorcycle or other vehicles involved in the crash. A police report can be beneficial for recovery efforts and is required after a wreck.

Be safe

Once you’re able to ensure it’s safe to move and you have documented what you can of the crash scene, try to get all of the cars and vehicles to a safe space on the side of the road. You’ll want to use flares, warning triangles, or hazard lights if these are available to you. This effort will let other motorists know that there’s an accident ahead, which can help prevent an additional accident.

Gather information if you can

After you’ve determined what the injuries are and that everyone is in a safe area, you’ll want to exchange information. Getting information from both drivers and witnesses is essential. Names, phone numbers, addresses, license plate numbers, car makes and models, driver license information, and insurance information are all needed. It can be helpful to take pictures if you have a camera on your phone. Snap pictures of their insurance card, license plate, driver’s license, the scene, and the damage done to the vehicles. So often, witnesses stop but, no one thinks to get their information. Witnesses to the wreck are critical and their contact information MUST be obtained and given to the authorities and your attorney.

Take notes

You may also want to write down everything you can remember about the motorcycle accident, especially if a police report is not taken at the scene. Remember, you want to cover the where, when, and how of the wreck. Things like location, time, speed limits, the condition of the road, and weather can all be helpful to take note of for later. Cell phones are great for recording what you need via video or voice recordings.

Dealing with the insurance company

Contact your insurance company to let them know about the accident and go over your policy. Wait to contact the other person’s insurance company until you have spoken with an attorney. Most people will do this at the scene of the accident, but it is best to wait until you have an attorney. This is especially true if you are making a claim to cover the costs of your injuries. Remember, everything you say, can and will be used against you by an insurance company. Get legal advice as soon as possible to avoid damaging yourself.

Insurance adjusters often claim to care, but what many are interested in is paying out as little as possible. When speaking with your insurance company, do not let them record your statement without an attorney. If you are talking to the insurance company who is handling your claim, expect them to try to get you to admit some or all of the fault for the accident. If you prefer, you do not need to talk to them at all. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Lubbock can handle this for you.

A final note is that as you talk with the other drivers and witnesses, if the wreck truly was not your fault or if you do not know for sure, don’t admit fault after the accident.

Preventing a Lubbock motorcycle accident

There are some actions that you can take to help avoid a motorcycle accident from happening.

Avoid bad weather

Avoid riding your motorcycle in bad weather. In winter, Lubbock can often get snow and ice, so be sure to check the forecast before heading out. If you get caught in wet weather, it can often be a good idea to wait it out somewhere dry. If you can’t do this, drive cautiously until you get to a safe stopping point.

Practice safe behaviors

There are some behaviors that you can change to improve your chances of avoiding motorcycle accidents. First, you want to observe the posted speed limits. It can be tempting to go all out when riding on open roads, but watching your speed allows you to respond quickly and safely to potential hazards.

Next, you want to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. It can be easy to get lost in the drive, but you should always stay vigilant. If you’ve ever gone on a regular ride and not remembered how you got to your destination, you know how simple it can be to slip into autopilot. You want to fight the impulse to get lost in your thoughts while on your motorcycle or in any vehicle.

Finally, a helmet is another way to protect yourself. Helmets can save your life and help prevent serious head injuries. Riding in groups is another way that you can protect yourself from an accident. Cars may not notice a single motorcycle, but they will more often be able to see a group of bikes.

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