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How Weather Can Affect Oilfield Workers

Monday, February 24th, 2020
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Oilfield workers in Texas know that their job can be lucrative, but also dangerous. Because Texas weather varies, it can actually affect oilfield workers as they do their jobs. Here are some common weather conditions that can create issues for these professionals.

Summer weather

Many areas of Texas are extremely hot during the summer months, with temperatures entering into triple digits. Oilfield workers must stay hydrated at all times, especially in the summer. Dehydration can result in lightheadedness and disorientation, as well as heat stress. This issue results in a number of health conditions.

Heat cramps: This happens when the salt levels in the body are too low. It results in muscle cramps and pain. When you sweat, your body is regulating temperature levels. But, if you sweat in excess, you can lose too much salt. Proper treatment and prevention includes hydrating, drinking sports drinks with no sugar and high amounts of electrolytes, and medical attention if it is necessary.

Heat exhaustion: This condition is worse than heat cramps and could turn into heatstroke. Symptoms include dizziness, irritability, heavy sweating, and increased body temperature. If you are in the oilfield and become this dehydrated, seek medical attention immediately. Your coworkers should help you get to a cool place and make sure you drink water. They can also help by providing ice packs and cool towels.

Heatstroke: This is a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical attention. If you are on the oilfield and experience this extreme result of dehydration, it could be deadly. This condition happens once the body can no longer regulate temperatures. Common symptoms include loss of consciousness, slurred speech, confusion, loss of sweat, and seizures. While you wait for medical personnel to arrive, put the worker in a shaded, cool place or put them in an ice bath if possible. Circulate the air and place cool towels or ice packs on their neck, armpits, head, and groin.

Why work conditions matter in the summer

Companies that hire oilfield workers should understand the importance of providing a safe work environment for all employees. This means that your workers’ hydration should be just as important as preventing falls. They should want to take care of their own hydration, but you must also be sure to educate them regularly and provide cool areas with plenty of cold water. You can also help provide light-weight, flame-resistant clothing or provide resources to find these items.

Winter weather

Snowy and icy weather is dangerous no matter where you are. In the oilfield, these conditions often cause slips and falls. Injuries and death can result from these falls, especially when safety is not adequate. Winter weather can also cause oilfields to run more slowly or shut down. This could result in employees being overworked. Falls often happen from equipment, vehicles, and rigs. Here are some tips for preventing falls, although there are many other steps you can take.

  1. Employees should be encouraged and required to wear safety gear such as non-slip shoes and helmets.
  2. Everyone on the site should be aware of slip and fall hazards.
  3. Non-skid surfaces should be placed in all appropriate areas.
  4. Keep all areas clear of tools, supplies, and debris.
  5. Guardrails should be installed in all risky areas of the site.

Finding an attorney after an oilfield accident

Mistakes and accidents happen, but if an accident caused by negligence results in injuries, the victim could have grounds to file a claim for compensation. If this is the case for you, a personal injury attorney can help.

First, you must research oilfield accident attorneys in your area. If you know anyone who has been in a similar situation as yours, ask them which attorneys they considered. You can also look online for reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Don’t forget to look at their awards and credentials as well.

Next, you need to set a budget. In many cases, you will not have to pay any upfront fees to an attorney. But, if you choose a professional that does charge fees before a claim is settled, you will need to take care of this.

Finally, work with your attorney throughout the entire process. They will need many documents from you, but having all the information possible regarding your injuries and claim. Sometimes oilfield accident attorneys will have to take some time to get you the compensation you deserve. Communicate with them if you feel the time frame is a concern.

Tips for dealing with an oilfield accident claim

There are some things you should remember if you plan on filing a claim. For workers’ compensation, the rules may change depending on your state. There may be limits to what this type of insurance can cover or even if it will help at all. There may be more than one party involved in the accident, including your employer and a third party.

Do you need to speak with an oilfield accident attorney?

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