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Did You Know About These Car Accident Causes?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022
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A car accident is not usually intentional and there are some common causes that most people know about. These include speeding, driving under the influence, disobeying traffic laws, and distracted driving. There are some other causes of car accidents that are not as widely known. Every driver should be aware of these too.

Driving a vehicle that is over its weight limits

All vehicles are meant to operate at a specific weight, even small passenger cars. Cars, trucks, and vans must not exceed specific weights in passengers or cargo. If they do, they can malfunction, and that can result in an accident. Having too many people can not only increase the weight in the vehicle, but it can also cause distracted driving.

Car accident in bad weather conditions

Driving in bad weather is dangerous, whether it is rain, wind, or snow. Wet roads cause unsafe conditions because they reduce traction. If your vehicle (or another’s vehicle) is not equipped properly, an accident is more likely to happen. Wind is also dangerous because it can knock any vehicle off the road or into other vehicles.

Driving with loose objects in a vehicle

Many people drive with stuff in their cars. Whether it is garbage, random necessities, or even just a phone charger, it can still get in the way. If an item flies around your car randomly, it can startle you and even become lodged under the pedals. It helps to make sure all loose items are secured before you start driving.

Vehicle defect car accidents

Sometimes vehicle designers and manufacturers make mistakes that can lead to accidents. Although this is not your fault, you can be proactive and research any defects your vehicle may have. Some recalls can be solved by repairs while others have no fix.

Road rage car accidents

Sometimes other drivers become angry and pose a risk on the road. This is another cause of car accidents that is out of your control. Although you may be thinking of people fighting on the side of the road or something worse, most road rage incidents involve poor driving decisions. For example, someone may be impatient and decide to speed around the person driving in front of them. Behaviors like this take attention away from what is happening on the road.

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