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Rufus is our slightly more than one year old Labradoodle. He is a certified therapy dog but, on top of that, he is the sweetest being you will ever meet. Rufus is exceptionally loving, kind, and cuddly. His nickname is “Nascar” as he just loves to run and run and run, in circles. Rufus the Red is another for his beautiful coat of hair. He’s a very good boy. He is mostly well behaved but, likes to chew on things that aren’t his from time to time. Everyone in the firm loves to pet Rufus, especially after he’s been to the groomer as he has the most wonderfully soft coat. He’s currently in training to be Dean’s next sidekick. Time will tell if we can get him trained up enough to join Dean in saving our clients from the greedy insurance companies of the world.

Rufus is an integral part of our firm, and we are blessed to have him sharing his kindness with us every day.

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