Carmen Lanier

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Carmen has an Associate Degree in Applied Science and has worked in the Finance Business for years but decided to do a career change to be in the legal field which is something she has never done. She has worked for Mr. and Mrs. Boyd for 4 years and enjoys what she does at the firm. It brings joy to her when people who get injured in a car wreck and get what they deserve thanks to Mr. Boyd and the attorneys that work for him.

She enjoys spending time with her son who lives in New Braunfels and enjoys going down to visit. They go shopping and float the Guadalupe River. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends, loves being outside on the patio during summer months, and enjoys traveling when she gets the chance.

When she is not busy with work or social life, she spends time at home with her cat, Mr. Kitty.

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