Baylee Vasquez

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Baylee is a native to Amarillo, Texas but in 2018, she moved to Post, Texas to help establish and work in the firm’s Lubbock Office. Baylee has been with the firm since April of 2016 and each day poses new, yet rewarding challenges as a Case Manager.

Baylee and her husband, James, have two fur babies at home. They have had their terrier mix, Luna, since she was a baby, and they recently rescued a second terrier mix named, Daisie! In their free time, Baylee and James love doing anything outdoors whether it be mountain biking, skiing, camping, hiking, etc. Baylee loves to cook, and recently just found out she loves baking, as well!

Baylee loves her family more than anything and is blessed in more ways than she can count. She is thankful for the opportunity to continue growing and excelling with this great company!

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