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Advice From A Personal Injury Attorney To Help Prevent Car Accidents

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Personal injury attorneys see hundreds of clients every year for cases involving car accidents. Hearing about the serious effects of these car accidents has given them insight into how to prevent them. Here is some advice from a personal injury attorney to help you prevent car accidents from occurring. If you stay safe on the road, you will avoid the need for a personal injury attorney.

Learn how to drive properly

You may have your license but do you really know how to drive your car? Most people learn the fundamentals, which is often enough to pass the driving test and get a permit. Then these people hit the road, despite how well they know how to drive. It is the poor drivers that often get in the most car accidents and those drivers often need to seek a personal injury attorney.

Taking a defensive driver’s course is an investment in your safety and that of your passengers. You learn how to avoid car accidents, identify reckless driving behavior and drive properly in poor weather conditions.

Know your car

Even vehicles that are the same make, model and year have their own quirks. When you get a new car, take the time to learn how it handles before taking long or frequent trips. Don’t hit top speeds until you know how it corners, brakes, and stops in different weather and street conditions.

The more you know about how your vehicle drives, the more likely you are to avoid car accidents and the need for a personal injury attorney.

Be aware of your surroundings

It is easy to get distracted inside a car. The radio needs adjusting. Your cell phone is ringing. The kids are having a fight in the back seat. All of these scenarios make it easy to take your eyes off the road, which is a major cause of car accidents.

Always keep your eyes on the road and the cars around you. A sleepy driver could drift into the lane ahead of you. A speeding maniac could weave too close to your car and the light ahead could turn to red before you know it. Being more aware of your surrounding on the road will help you avoid car accidents.

Keep your car in good condition

Several car accidents occur because the owners’ postpone critical repairs and maintenance. Do not wait to replace those balding tires. Get those squealing brakes looked at before it is too late to repair them. Check all the fluids in your vehicle at least once a month, more often if you see leaks.

Remember key practices to drive safely

Driving safely at all times is important for preventing car accidents. Put those driving skills to work. You were likely taught not to tailgate anyone, use proper signals and give yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Follow those rules and the rules of the road including the posted speed limit.

Never drive sleepy, distracted, or under the influence

Very serious car accidents can occur if the driver is sleepy, distracted, drunk or on drugs. If you are feeling sleepy, need to be on the phone or feel even a little buzzed, pull over or get someone else to drive.

Personal injury attorneys do not wish for anyone to get harmed in car accidents. Take the advice of these attorneys and prevent car accidents when and wherever possible.

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