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6 Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Wet Weather

Friday, May 21st, 2021
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Warmer weather means more motorcyclists out on the road putting miles on their bike. However, with the weather being unpredictable at times, especially in the Texas panhandle, it’s best to know how to ride safely in the rain. Below are 6 ways to avoid motorcycle accidents in wet weather.

Buy some gear just in case

Gear made specifically for rainy days can come in handy. Anything with reflectors is a must. Rain reduces visibility, so the bright reflectors can help cars see you better. An extra set of gloves will be beneficial too. Nobody likes riding with wet gloves and once the storm clears, you’ll want to have a dry pair. Of course, the most important gear is the helmet. Not only will it protect you most if you do have an accident, but it can also help prevent one from happening during the rain if it has a face shield. This added feature will make it easier for you to see without having to wear goggles.

Brake slowly and progressively

Hard stops in the rain are a bad combination for motorcyclists. When roads are wet, traction is reduced considerably. Gradually braking will help prevent motorcycle accidents and scary situations, such as hydroplaning.

Maintain your motorcycle

Just as cars need to be inspected and maintained periodically, so do motorcycles. Tires are the most important component to check. If they don’t have the correct air pressure or if they are worn down, this could cause a serious accident while riding as they will easily slide. Brake pads should also be checked to ensure stopping won’t be an issue.

Give yourself more space between other drivers

With sudden braking being even more dangerous in the rain, it’s best to give yourself a little more room than normal between yourself and the driver in front of you. More space means more time for reaction if an unforeseen stop or avoidance is needed.

Stay aware at intersections

A yellow light can be an easy start to a motorcycle accident. If you can slow down safely, do so, and don’t try to speed up to catch the light before it turns red. Accelerations like that in the rain can be just as dangerous as braking suddenly, especially if there is turning involved.

Find a safe place to pull over

If the rain is turning into a storm and you are fighting just to see in front of you, that’s a clear sign that you should find a safe place to pull over until it clears. It’s not worth your life to drive through a storm with potential for flooding or worse.

Have you been in a motorcycle accident?

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