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5 Things You Should Do After A Hit And Run Accident

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
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Hit and run car accidents are much more common than many think. If you ever end up being one of the many victims of a hit and run accident, your first response may be to panic. It is best to stay calm and complete a number of steps including calling for help and receiving the medical care you may need. Here are five important things to do if you are the victim of a hit and run accident.

Call for help

It is best to stay at the scene of any car accident. Never chase the other car, as you could cause another accident yourself. Even if you are not injured, you should wait until help arrives. Call the police or ask someone else to do it for you if you are hurt.

Identify the other driver

If you are able, identify the make and model of the other car. Write down the license plate number if you were able to spot it before they left the scene. Even a small description of what the other driver may have looked like can be helpful. The officer responding to the scene of the accident will need any information you are able to recall.

Identify witnesses

If anyone has been kind enough to stop and help after a hit and run accident, ask them if they can act as a witness. You should also ask if they will give you their contact information. This will be useful for the police report and your insurance company. The witness can help determine who was at fault. If the driver that ran away is caught, you could use this information in a personal injury claim.

Call your insurance company

Depending on your insurance coverage, your insurer should compensate you for your injuries and vehicle damage. You may need to have uninsured motorist or other injury policies in order to get compensation after a hit and run accident. Reviewing what coverage you have now and adding any necessary coverage can help protect you in the future.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible

A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complicated legal situations you may find yourself in as the victim of a hit and run accident. If your insurance company is not cooperating or law enforcement finds the other driver, having a lawyer is especially helpful. Your lawyer can help you recover your costs and more.

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