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4 Tips About Personal Injury Claims

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Everyday someone gets hurt in an accident, whether this means falling in bad weather, getting involved in a car wreck, or getting hurt at work. It is important to understand the facts and myths about filing personal injury claims.

Situations of this nature leave so many unanswered questions for the sufferer, including if they are eligible to receive medical care and personal compensation for their injuries. There are so many misconceptions about personal injury claims that individuals often fail to receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering.

A personal injury attorney can thoroughly explain the different types of compensation that are available to you and explain the details of a settlement. Following these four tips below can also help you be prepared for your personal injury claim.

Never settle your personal injury claim too early

One of the biggest mistakes made in personal injury claims is settling too early in the process. The problem is that an injured person may be forced to spend their own money for additional medical care. Sometimes, injuries fail to heal and surgery is recommended to assist in the healing process. Medical expenses can add up quickly.

Unfortunately, a victim may have prematurely signed official documents that forfeit their rights to receive additional money that covers further medical care. The best course of action for an injured person is to hold off on signing any paperwork until fully-healed and back on their feet. Remember, consulting with a personal injury attorney before negotiating a monetary settlement is your best course of action.

Larger law firms don’t always provide a better case

Larger law firms often have too big of a client list to provide the attention needed for personal injury claims. Due to time constraints, it is easier for these firms to make a quick settlement, rather than spend time fighting for their client’s compensation. Be prepared to possibly be rejected, as large law firms feel this type of representation doesn’t bring back a huge payday for their time and effort.

The better choice of representation is finding a smaller personal injury law firm that will take the time to study claims and develop solid cases. Select a personal injury attorney that is trusted, as they will gain a better understanding of your personal values and situation.

Personal injury attorneys are affordable

Typically, personal injury attorneys will accept a case with no up-front payment expected at the initial meeting, as they are working on a contingency basis. A contingency payment is an agreed upon percentage of the final settlement that is paid to the attorney for their services. This compensation can be up to one-third of the negotiated settlement price.

Pay attention to medical bills

If a victim’s injuries are serious enough that they require an extended stay in the hospital, an expensive medical bill will be sent following their release. It is hard to imagine victims being able to afford to make monthly payments without some form of assistance.

A dedicated personal injury attorney will immediately negotiate an agreement with the healthcare provider to continue medical treatment on their client. The hospital will place a lien on the pending settlement to accomplish this. A lien is a binding agreement that allots money from the final settlement price as payment for all of the client’s expenses. It is smart to hire a personal injury attorney that has experience in negotiating lien agreements with various healthcare providers. In the end, a client’s full recovery from injuries is the first priority for an attorney, and that can only be accomplished by receiving the proper medical care.

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