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11 Workers Die On The Job Each Day Due To Workplace Accidents

Thursday, August 25th, 2016
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Making a living should not cost a worker their life. The majority of all workplace fatalities can be prevented, although most workplace accidents are unavoidable. The hope is that employers have provided enough safety precautions to avoid a fatality from occurring. Employers that fulfill their obligations and protect employees from workplace accidents have accomplished this difficult task by providing a safe work environment. If they do not protect employees from workplace accidents, then employers could be held responsible for the injuries sustained by their workers.

The annual United States Department of Labor report stated that 11 workers die each day due to workplace accidents. To expand on the numbers further, approximately 50,000 workers will die on the job each year. Another 400,000 employees will suffer long-term illnesses from symptoms developed from their work environment. It is important for all workers to understand how a safe work environment is created and what the most dangerous jobs are in the country. Knowing what to do after workplace accidents take place is also vital.

How a safe work environment is created

Government agencies should enforce employers to uphold their responsibilities in protecting all workers. If workers are put into any danger, employers should be held responsible. Many companies are cutting corners to save money, but their workers are paying the highest price due to potentially avoidable workplace accidents.The majority of the these employees are forced to work in an environment that offers little protection against workplace accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency that works to ensure employment conditions are safe for all workers in the United States. This agency sets and enforces all of the standards created by holding training sessions that provide better education on how to maintain a safe work environment. OSHA also reviews reports on oversights in job safety standards and poor working conditions that lead to workplace accidents. OSHA will make unexpected visits to certain job sites to see if the environment remains inadequate as well.

The most dangerous jobs in the United States

The Department of Labor offers annual reports that list the most dangerous jobs in the United States. You may be surprised to learn that some professions, such as law enforcement, are generally thought to be dangerous, but are not on the list. The majority of dangerous occupations are related to transportation or construction including repair operators, trash collectors, and roofers. These types of jobs account for 40 percent of all job fatalities in the United States. The more a person drives during their workday, the chance of a workplace accident happening gets higher.

What do to do after workplace accidents

If you have been injured or a loved one has passed away from a workplace accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Injured employees can feel alone after getting hurt on the job. A professional attorney can assist in fully explaining your legal rights and getting compensation.

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